Posted by: TomA | 9 April 2008


imageShe describes her music as ghetto-gangsta rap. Don’t be fooled though, this is almost as painfully twee as you could imagine – if you enjoyed the Watercolor Paintings tracks blogged earlier, then this is for you – another dose of ukulele based indiepop from California. And more covers too, this time including Hello Saferide and Snoop Dogg. Her 2008 LP, “Answer Me!” also features what is probably my favourite song about urinary tract infections*. EVER.

Jellybean! – I Hate Vegetables

Jellybean! – Sensual Seduction [Snoop Dogg cover]

For more info and tunes, Kelly’s Myspace is here.

*if you know of other such songs, let me know… I’m… curious…


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