Posted by: TomA | 4 April 2008

A Sunday Drive in the Countryside

Map image

This summer I have to write a 15,000 word dissertation. This strikes undue fear into my heart. So, to try and forget about it I’m going for a drive with some friends. A 10,000 mile drive, through around 16 countries and taking in such tourist hot spots as Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, aiming to arrive at Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia some 4 or 5 weeks later, after a healthy off road trek through Mongolia itself (the size of Western Europe, with more camels and far fewer roads).

The aim is to get the car (an elderly Land Rover we hope) to auction in Ulaanbaatar in one piece, to raise some money for charity. Ideally, we’ll all get through relatively unscathed too: if we avoid the numerous land mines clustered around the Iran/Afghanistan border and many more between the Asian ex-Soviet states; keep on the right side of the border guards, and don’t break down in the blazing heat of the Gobi Desert.

Details of how you can support our chosen charities will be forthcoming, as well as how you can sponsor the trip to help us fund the numerous visas and gallons of diesel we’ll need in order to get our trusty Land Rover to the auction. However, if you, your company or someone you know may be interested in sponsoring us (we’re looking for an old Land Rover, useful equipment and some diesel money) then get in touch via the comments box on this blog.



  1. Tom you’re a ridiculous person.

    You do realise you will have to pack high heels, enough cosmetics to test a rhino, fishnet stockings and a short short skirt, in order to “persuade” those border guards.

    In fact all things considered you’d probably be safer if you were chopped up and stuffed in the boot.

  2. Oh I know, that’s the bit I’m most looking forward to. Got to be careful though, I imagine we could be subject to a public stoning if we were caught tottering round in heels and lipstick in Tehran. Still, part of the experience hey?

  3. True. If you’re not careful though you could be shamefaced, admitting to friends and family that you were in Tehran and didn’t see a single public stoning.

  4. [Paranoia strikes. They ARE watching.]

    I am actually a nice person and don’t intend to end up in prison in any of these countries 🙂

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