Posted by: TomA | 3 April 2008

Soda Fountain Rag

Swedish indiepop is so last whenever.

Friday night at the Buffalo Bar in London brought Soda Fountain Rag (aka Ragnhild Hogstad Jordahl) over from Bergen, Norway. If you can get over what is a terrible name for a band (though not as bad as [the lovely] Blind Terry who’ve also released on Cloudberry Records), there’s plenty to enjoy. I’ve really fallen for music sung by European girls recently – I think it’s the slightly awkward Englishness in the vocals with a hint of somewhere way more exotic (than Nottingham).

[See also: Charlotte Gainsbourg who sounds lovely singing in French, horribly posh singing in English and yet still hopelessly alluring; Carla Bruni, who can only be toppled from the news by Nazi-sex-Formula1 scandals…]

Go! is the track that stands out for me from their It’s Rag Time album. It’s hard to beat some bitter Nordic anger, all bundled up in a jaunty synth-led pop song.

As for the other bands that night, I sadly managed to miss Cardiff’s Sweet Baboo, tempted instead by pints of Adnams in the pub upstairs; while sadly the other 2 bands weren’t memorable.

But SFR. Pure glee. Go listen to more at their myspace page

Download mp3: Soda Fountain Rag – Go!



  1. That was a good gig. I had been waiting a while to see SFR, it was such a shame that the turn out was so small- I think the atmosphere would have been enhanced by a few more people, and I’m a firm believer in the difference a good atmosphere can make to a live performance.
    The Spencer McGarry Season I found actually quite catchy, hailing from the same place as Los Campesinos! and The School and all those lovely Welsh bands.

    I have to say, I’ve yet to hear another convincing, (new) Norwegian indiepop band. I think Sweden’s still holding it’s own…

  2. Yeah, I was surprised how quiet it was. Last time I went to The Buffalo Bar for some indiepop, I think it was for The Bobby McGee’s and the place was rammed. Though quietened down a bit for Twee As Fuck DJs after. And I was all looking forward to having a bit of a dance later to some Fortuna Pop tunes too. Nevermind.

    TSMS weren’t bad actually, one song I particularly enjoyed, but the rest kind of washed over me a little.

    I will hunt out more Norwegian indiepop. Somehow….

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