Posted by: TomA | 12 February 2008

URN Playlist – 11th February 2008

Another week, another radio show. Alex and I managed to come thoroughly unprepared, so the show was a little less fluid than usual we normally aim for, but nevertheless we played some cracking music:

David Thomas Broughton – Execution
MF Doom – Dead Bent
Cat Power – Don’t Explain
Matthew Herbert – Nigella, George, Tony and Me
Slow Down Tallahassee – U R Grace U R
Hubbard – The Switch Up
Vancouver Nights – Joy Is Like The Rain
Television Personalities – Silly Girl
Pavement – Cut Your Hair
mr_hopkinson’s computer – Where Is My Mind?
Miranda Lambert – Dry Town
GZA – AutoBio
The Vaselines – Son Of A Gun
Aksak Maboul – Saure Gurke
The Tuss – Death Fuck

Toby and myself should be back next week, 18th Feb from 9pm GMT.


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