Posted by: TomA | 14 January 2008

Yay! Record Labels! The Future!

As of midnight tonight, some good friends of mine launch a brand spanking new record label, Records on Ribs. And launching in style, with no less than ten albums/EPs released on Day 0. What’s even better is, if you don’t want to, you needn’t pay a penny.

There’s been a lot written recently about the economics of the music industry, how home taping downloading/blogs/filesharing will kill the music business as we know it. With EMI expected to sack 2,000 staff, things are obviously changing. You’ll be aware that Radiohead recently, for a limited time, allowed individuals to download their latest album for whatever price the downloader felt it was worth, including for free. Much has been made of the large numbers of downloads (and not just from the official source, from illegal torrent sites too) and the relatively small number of paying individuals. Saul Williams found the same, with his latest album, a collaboration with Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), offering people the chance to download for free or donate $5. The majority chose free – certainly less paid than Reznor hoped. Both of these have/will get physical releases, with the standard $15/£10 CD price no doubt. But industry rationalisation can’t be a bad thing if it leads to less Mariah Careys being paid off $millions following crap sales.

Here hopes the tide is turning to the favour of the individual – be that music listeners, independent and innovative record labels or commercially unconstrained artists.

And so to Records on Ribs. Head over to the website and see what they say (far more eloquently than I could) about themselves. Listen to the music on offer and if you value it, donate. My personal favourites of the artists on their roster? Well, as you asked, the dark, joyous indie-pop of We Show Up On Radar and the warped Shitmat-esque world of Gay Death Probe… Go investigate!



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