Posted by: TomA | 12 January 2008

Worrying signs from Tesla

I still take an interest in the goings on at Tesla, having enjoyed my time there with the general enthusiasm for the project and alternative energy projects rubbing off on me. So it is rather disheartening to read of the latest happenings, with a large number of individuals having left or been fired in the past week or two on Martin Eberhard’s blog [Tesla founder, himself kicked out before Christmas]. “Stealth Bloodbath” indeed.

Disappointing to see so many individuals I’d come across, all undoubtedly talented and committed, are no longer involved with the project. And with delivery of the first production cars still looking to be some time off (still struggling with a variety of problems, transmission being the main), along with reports that the next car – the Whitestar sedan – has been ditched, the future looks a little less rosy. So who’d have thought it, but the future of electric vehicles appears to be back in the hand of Detroit’s finest, General Motors.

And just as this is happening, it seems the venture capitalist have really started to sit up and take notice of the possibilities offered by green/clean energy projects. Ironic.

I suggest you visit Martin’s blog for the full lowdown.

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