Posted by: TomA | 4 January 2008

Google Street View

I’m unsure how long this has been available, but I’ve only just come across it and think its fantastic, so surely worth a quick scribble. Google Street View lets you, well, view streets. A birds eye view was fascinating enough from Google’s aerial pictures, but now my revision is seriously in danger, allowing me to ‘walk’ the streets from my trip this summer, in an attempt to quench my pangs to return.

It really is awesome and scarily detailed. While the resolution doesn’t quite allow you to identify the faces of people walking down the street, it is good enough for just about anything else. Had it have been available in the summer, it would have been the perfect tool for checking out hostels, seeing where they were located in a city and what fun looking coffee shops were around the corner. No doubt if you struggled with reading a map, being able to pick out some obvious landmarks would help you arrive with far less stress.

I’m sure its not all good news, particularly if you’re one of the folks who’ve been captured in less than ideal circumstances, be it loitering outside strip clubs or having just run your car into a tree. And without a doubt, worse has/will surface…



  1. Check out some of these Google Street View sightings:

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