Posted by: TomA | 10 November 2007

Carbon Neutral Driving

Becoming ever more curious about alternative energy, especially on the car side, I stumbled across this the other day: Zero Rally Africa. It’s a carbon neutral, 4,000 km rally from South Africa to Zambia for alternative fuelled vehicles. I haven’t been able to find out many more details but its an interesting idea – particularly if it proves possible for electric and hydrogen vehicles to complete the course in the 10 days allowed, demonstrating that the refuelling infrastructure may actually be possible*. Biofuels would seem the way to go in this event, though their carbon-neutrality is hardly assured.

Nevermind the CO2 effects of actually getting to South Africa from the UK….

Still, if you’ve got 2 weeks free in January 2009 and are interested, could prove good fun. Let me know if you’re interested.

*ignoring the fact that hydrogen as a fuel source for cars is actually a fairly ridiculous idea: all that hydrogen under pressue in a car, all that energy needed to get it under pressure and to ‘extract’ it from whatever hydrogen source you choose, all those fuel cells on the verge of commercial viability that still cost millions of dollars a go…


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