Posted by: TomA | 10 September 2007


Back in the day, Facebook came across as a pleasant way of procrastinating. Simple, clear design made it stress-free to use, adverts didn’t jump out and flash and there was no spam. Not any more, since it exploded in popularity over the last 12-18 months. Barely a day goes by without some sort of spam, let alone the irritating application requests that appear in my email inbox far too frequently (yes, I know I can stop the email, but the request itself?).

Is spam inevitable where ever there are significant numbers of people online? Or does the potential money become just too tempting for any web developer?

EDIT: So I’ve just come across quite a detailed story in today’s (London) Times, outlining the large scale of targeted advertising to be unleashed over the next couple of weeks. So that scrap of info on your profile, expect it to lead to some tasty spam. And then some more…


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