Posted by: TomA | 9 September 2007

Bearsuit "She’s Got Hips Like Mahogany"

imageBearsuit are a band I’ve followed since my formative gig-going years in Norwich. Back then, I remember their gigs being ramshackle events filled with noise and giggles, with the occasional penchant for dressing up. It’s been far too long since I’ve seen them live (a year or so, when they played a gig I put on with Envelopes in Nottingham), but I doubt much has changed (in the best possible way!).

 Their new album, OH:IO, is out tomorrow on Fantastic Plastic records, and continues their ecstatic melee of shouty, boy-girl indie-pop. Stand out tracks for me so far are Foxy Boxer (what might turn out to be my disco song of the fall) and Look, A Bleached Coral Faced Crow With Jewels For Eyes (a laid back piece of summery pop). Hark! The Feral Children is 100 seconds of great noise-pop. Seasonal? Perhaps.

Anyway, you should go listen to these, then head over to the sites listed below to listen to more from what is probably still my favourite band.

Bearsuit – Foxy Boxer (mp3)

Bearsuit – Look A Bleached Coral Faced Crow With Jewels For Eyes


Bearsuit (homepage)

Bearsuit (myspace)


 Buy the album “OH:IO” from Fantastic Plastic, your local independent record store or at one of their upcoming gigs. Or, if you really have to, iTunes, Amazon or some such retailer.


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