Posted by: TomA | 24 August 2007

My Guilty Country Pleasure

A vital part of my recent drive through California, Arizona and Nevada was the joy of country radio. Two songs in particular stood out, mainly for being played at least every hour, on every country radio station going. If you were savvy enough, you could flip the station at the end of one track just in time to hear it start on another. So, back in drizzly England, I need something to remind me of the blisteringly hot, open road, the freedom of blasting across the Arizona deserts with barely a soul in sight. And nothing does it better, or brings a larger smile to my face than these two songs, one by Josh Turner, the other by Montgomery Gentry.

Me & God has turned into a bit of an addiction. At the time, this guy singing about himself and God, in a rather smug and chummy way was rather entertaining. Now the song has simply permeated my soul and I can’t get enough of it. As much as I like Josh, the bit with the old dude is easily my favourite. What is it about guys getting on a bit in age making far superior country vocalists? (the first album by Charlie Louvin for over a decade recently released being a good example).

Josh Turner – Me & God (mp3)

Josh Turner (myspace)

Montgomery Gentry, besides having an awesome name, veers on the cheesier side of commercial country (in a good way). The song summed up everything about being on the road in the southern states, the rural old guys driving battered trucks, the melancholy of spending 8 hours on the road, the optimism of getting back and having a good meal. All important things, obviously. Anyway, I’m hooked; yet I know it’s awful. But what can you do, besides play it again and plot ways to head back to Texas?

 Montgomery Gentry – Lucky Man

Obviously, all mp3s are intended as a sample only. If you like the songs, go buy the albums and guy see the guys in concert.


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