Posted by: TomA | 29 July 2007

Want an assault rifle for your weekend in Vegas? Look no further…

Surprising gun control laws in the USA are nothing new. We all know you can more or less stroll into a shop and come out, either then or a week later, with the firearms of your choice. You probably need a bit of ID, hopefully a quick background check to ensure you’re not an internationally wanted felon and a few bucks. Nor was I that surprised to find you can buy handguns and ammunition in branches of Walmart. Slightly worried but not surprised. Not just hunting rifles but handguns. Not much good for shooting bears, moose, birds or anything; rather handy for shooting, well, people.

What really did take me by surprise, when staying in Las Vegas, flicking through the brochure full of adverts aimed at the bewildered tourist, was the following ad, nestled beside promotions for rollercoasters, beer and cheap tickets for Vegas shows.


Seems you can get $5 off renting a gun. Again, not just a hunting rifle to shoot any of the (not-very) abundant bears roaming the surrounding Nevada deserts, and not just a fancy selection of handguns, but full-on military assault weapons. Massive, automatic firearms. Seriously, what the fuck do you do with these things once you’ve hired them in Vegas? Wander into the Casino for a civilised evening of Blackjack, toting your Uzi? Take your Klashnekov for that extra sense of security while walking the strip?

Maybe this was a missed opportunity, I could have spent the morning at the shooting range, displaying my undisputed power over all living things and undoubted accuracy destroying a paper target with something that can reel off god knows how many bullets a second.

Maybe next time….


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