Posted by: TomA | 24 July 2007

Unfortunate MSc development

While I’m still 2 months from starting my MSc, it may be a touch premature to display disappointment quite yet. However, it seems the professor who takes the only economics module with an environmental focus is on sabbatical for the forthcoming academic year, thus making him my potential dissertation supervisor somewhat unlikely. I’m still hoping to find a way to develop a flurry of rather unconnected ideas I currently have (environmental economics, with a particular global energy focus, in some sort of non neo-classical, behavioural or post-autistic framework) for my dissertation, though mildly worried that I might have to head down an entirely different avenue altogether.

That said, Nottingham do have a few individuals heartily involved in the behavioural side, so developing my ideas from that direction may prove best. Still, before all that, I’ve countless fun and interesting mathematical based modules to, um, enjoy…. God bless statistics, econometrics, and Adam Smith.



  1. You’ve got plenty of time- don’t stress, it’ll all work out. Hey, we’ll both be doing dissertations this year. Chortle. We’ll have lots of soup breaks. I’m working Herzog into mine if it kills me. Though I don’t think there is actually anything on him except the exhibition catalogue I bought that day mmmm…anywhere. Even my photography lady and the guy at the VAG said there really wasn’t. But at least it wouldn’t be overdone, right?

    I notice your booklist is rather influenced by your girlfriend. 😀 Garpy should be next. 😀 Indeed.

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