Posted by: TomA | 17 July 2007

The Mongol Rally

This weekend this year’s Mongol Rally sets off from Hyde Park in London for Ulaanbaater, the capital of Mongolia. I’ve had my eye on it for a couple of years now, so feel it is finally time to pull my finger out and try and get it organised.

For those of you unaware, the gist is to drive 10,000 or so miles in a car (engine capacity of less than 1000cc) to raise some money for charity. That’s it. There’s no support, so if you break down while taking a shortcut through Iran and Afghanistan and all hell breaks loose (be it a buggered engine or WWIII), you deal with it. Or, um, stick it out. Around 200 teams are taking part this year, so I want to be one of those next year. But I need someone to do it with. Team numbers are limited to how many you can feasibly squeeze into a small car, so you’re all welcome. It’s advantageous if you:

  • have a driving license
  • know when bribing the police gets you what you want and when it gets you time in cells
  • have any idea about car mechanics (though not required)
  • want to come

If you don’t fancy Mongolia in July 2008, then there’s always the possibility of the Rickshaw Run, a shorter trip around India in a 150cc rickshaw for two weeks… I believe there’s one in June 2008 (just in time for the start of the monsoon season); the one starting January 2008 will clash with my exams unfortunately.

Let me know if you fancy either and we’ll take it from there…



  1. Take me to Mongolia in 08 – pleeeese


  2. iam in london,and i would like to hitch a ride to mongolia,i can meet any where in western europe.

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