Posted by: TomA | 9 July 2007

Quick Update

It’s been a long time coming, but I am planning on keeping this blog running on some level now I’m back in the UK. I don’t quite know how it’s going to evolve yet – initial thoughts suggest a bit of everything, be it mp3 blogging, an outlet for some creative photography, thoughts on my academic work and that the world of economics in general, as well as personal ramblings and opinions. Please let me know what bit’s interest you and which don’t – I’ll try and find a way to allow you to miss the murky depths of rubbish and pick out the gleaming posts of interest. Or whatever.

This is probably as good a time as any to update you on what’s going on currently:

– I’m back living at the parental home, which has it’s challenges (feeling like a big step back) as well as advantages (rent free).

– I’m back working over the summer with Tesla Motors in Norfolk. They’re an exciting company and the car has come on leaps and bounds. It’s all gearing up for production in the fall, so there’s plenty to do. Also nice to see increasingly frequent press pieces on the car, generally seems to be very positive, though I have noticed a disturbing liability for people to describe the car as a Lotus.

– I’m unsure where I stand on living in the UK again. Briefly (crashing computers make typing lengthy blog posts several times really frustrating), I miss the wealth of independent shops and restaurants in North America (everywhere in Britain is much the same, with the same stores and places to dine – the lack of variety is suffocating), it’s expensive (I’m still doubling prices to “convert” them back to £), ‘people’ are generally unpleasant and the cities (Nottingham and Norwich at least) are filthy. That said, it has been nice to be able to drink real ale once more. I did find nice beer in the US, but nothing to compare with a warm pint of Adnams from a hand pump back home. Is it enough to keep me here after my MSc in Nottingham? Only time will tell…



  1. All those things of interest will be interesting on your blog. Though to be honest, next year I don’t think I will have any need to look at said blog….

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