Posted by: TomA | 9 July 2007

Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unknown

I saw this last night at Norwich Playhouse and left slightly unsure. I thought the film started badly, flicking in an agitated fashion from one scene to the next every second, utterly distracting from what was being said. Having gotten through this ADD stage, the film began spelling out Strummer’s career with the 101ers and subsequently The Clash. Great stuff, especially if you’re a big Clash fan. Some of the individuals interviewed in the film raised eyebrows however: Steve Buscemi was thoroughly welcome, providing thoughtful and awed insights on Joe Strummer (as well as the excuse for a great clip of the two of them in a film); while the appearance of Johnny Depp brought uncontrollable, hysterical and mocking (- for the record, justified) laughter from a sizable proportion of the audience for his oh-so serious comments on struggles with fame. Well worth watching, though possibly a tad too long…



  1. Still here! 🙂 I have a 101ers vinyl somewhere but I think it may have disappeared into my Dad’s records or something. I found John Cusack’s appearance fairly bizarre. I also found it depressing the way the 101ers were so obviously having to put on a brave face and consciously hide any bitterness but what else could they do? All part of the myth-building I suppose. x

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