Posted by: TomA | 18 June 2007

Day 49: Toronto… and home…

Seven weeks after leaving Vancouver back in April and it was time to go home (or rather, 9 months having left Norfolk, it was time…).

Our last stop in Toronto was the Hockey Hall of Fame, having decided to get as much Canadian content in before we left. Having followed the Canucks closely during our time in Vancouver, we were both rather excited about the prospect of spying some Canucks goodies locked away in the cabinets. Knowing it was unlikely to be silverware (the Canucks failed to win a lot…), we expected a jersey, some boots, at least a window display. Having spent an hour going through endless Maple Leafs stuff (grammar doesn’t matter to those in Toronto hockey), we finally came across an old Canucks shirt, next to an especially gaudy hat.

The rest of the Hall of Fame was good fun, though perhaps less spectacular to us than the many hockey fanatics there as we’d heard of Wayne Gretsky and not many more… Still, well worth the trip just for basking in the glorious Canadianness of it all.

And from there, it was more or less straight to the airport. It really didn’t hit (the whole going “home”) thing until I got in the car at Gatwick, being driven back on the “wrong” side of the road and hearing strange, English accents once more.


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