Posted by: TomA | 11 June 2007

Days 43 & 44: Montréal

We’ve not done that much over the last two days, just spent plenty of time lazily wandering around Mont Royal and sweltering in the parks, of which Montréal has plenty. We’ve been very bad, spoken very little French but had some great smoked meat in Schwartz’s (where the ‘sandwich’ consists of two tiny pieces of bread either side of the largest pile of hot, greasy fatty smoked meat).

Also climbed up the Mont Royal itself (the “mountain” from which Montréal takes it’s name) for lovely views of the city. It’s not really a mountain (more a small hill, a la San Francisco) but enough to work up a good sweat on the walk up. One thing I am looking forward to exploring more is the Québécois beer, which should be a welcome change from the staid Molsons, Millers and Pabsts that seem to brew the majority of American/Canadian beers…


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