Posted by: TomA | 11 June 2007

Day 42: Montréal

Leaving New York bright and extremely early was always going to be tough but the promise of a scenic ten hour train journey promised to make up for it. The Amtrak train from NYC up to Montréal turned out to be hugely spacious, particularly for the very cheap coach class, with big comfy seats and plenty of space. Settling in for the long journey, it was a bit of a shame to be woken up an hour later at Albany and be informed we were changing to a bus for the rest of the trip into Canada, due to the delight of engineering works. The bus, while being crap was at least a bit quicker, getting us into Montréal two hours earlier than scheduled.

The resulting challenge was how to get to Becky’s friend Claire’s house on the Metro; with all signage in French. We gave in: through tiredness, sweatiness and laziness and got a taxi instead…

Initial thoughts on Montréal: hadn’t expected it to be quite so French: everything is in French first and foremost, with some, definitely not all, things in English underneath. Even McDonalds adapts and offers Poutine at the Gare Centrale. That said, it isn’t France and still very obviously a North American city. We’ll see how it really feels once we’ve had a chance to explore a bit more…



  1. Montreal is not ‘that’ french. Depends on the boroughs that you visit.

    If you go to ‘the plateau’ its very very very very french. . . . . you’d be lucky to see anything in English let alone finding anyone to speak English with you.

    Most shop keepers in the downtown core are just happy to have your money, and will speak English to you, if you try a little ‘franglais’

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