Posted by: TomA | 5 June 2007

Day 35: Chicago

Our final day in Chicago called for some serious breakfast action. Breakfast out is what being in the US is all about… The HI Hostel we were staying in recommended a good brunch spot, Orange, a short walk away. Really pushing in the boat out, we indulged in an appetiser before breakfast. And the appetiser? Frushi: like sushi, but with fresh fruit in place of the fish and fruit juices infused into the rice. Awesome. To follow that there came a hefty stack of pancakes. This is probably the time to point out mine was considerably less heft (a mere 3 pancake stack) compared to Becky’s overwhelming set of 4 stacks of 3 pancakes each… Gourmet pancake breakfasts are always a good way to start the day…

We missed nearly all of the two day Gospel Festival in Millennium Park, managing only to sneak a listen as we passed the previous evening. A blues festival came just as we left.

Having been slightly disappointed with the comedy earlier in the week, we gave Chicago comedy clubs a second chance a headed to The Second City to see their “Best Of” show, hoping a best of from the club that launched Bill Murray and John Belushi amongst others ought to be a fairly safe bet.

Later in the day we headed to the Music Box Theatre, a vintage movie house. Inside was as lovely as you’d hope, though unfortunately the clouds didn’t roll across the theatre before our showing, nor did anyone else come out to play the organ. We saw Brand Upon The Brain!, a flickery b&w film in a ’20s style, with the dialogue conveyed through subtitle cards and just a touch of spoken word narration. Its a really fun film, with some seriously weird ideas (lots of cross dressing and harvesting cranial fluids from orphans)… There’s a trailer at the link above – go look.

Afterwards, Becky was too tempted by a midnight screening of Little Shop of Horrors to miss it, so we sat through. We weren’t totally aware that it was going to be shadowcast as well – i.e. a bunch of sub-6th Form acting and miming in front of the screen. Musicals aren’t my favourite thing to start with; musicals with a bunch of people running around and miss-timing all their cues, generally getting in the way and detracting from the film made it somewhat hard work. Bless them though, they seemed to have tried very hard in getting props to match the film, made a giant plant etc; just a shame it turned out to be rather lame…


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