Posted by: TomA | 2 June 2007

Elijah Wood fans on the prowl

Over the past few days, my blog has been getting an unprecedented number of hits. The reason? Elijah Wood fans. They spend every waking moment tracking their hobbit hero to ensure they know at any time where he is, what he’s doing, listening to, eating, etc… Creepy online fandom at it’s most creepy. Anyway, go look at the shit they’re into here… My favourite comment is:

I read this and just giggled..”tiny Elijah” snorts…mighty but tiny…xoxox thank you!!!!! v

[Probably my fault for tagging the post with his name in the first place, but what can you do?… Obligingly obsessive fans are going to track him down anyway.]

Harmless fun or a complete intrusion of a person’s privacy and human rights? Bring on the comments Wood fans…. 😀



  1. That’s why we’re called fans, TomA. Hope you have a nice day! 🙂

  2. Tom, I followed the link and now I can see who Elijah is. He seems a pleasant enough young man and his acting is pretty smart. His fans however, look really creepy . . .

    Continuing the theme, we saw Daniel Radcliffe on stage on Sat night in Equus. First time I’ve seen naked simulated sex on stage, and he’s only 18!


  3. I completely agree with you tom!

  4. Yeah Elijah is an awesome actor, but his fans are damn creepy. He has the usual bunch of normal teenybopper fans, but he also has these creepy lesbian stalkers who are old enough to be his mother, and lust after him in “Flipper.” They put the fan in “fanatic”! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  5. Harmless fun or a complete intrusion of a person’s privacy and human rights?

    Dude you’re the one who saw him in the store and then wrote about it for millions to see on the internet. I’d say you’re the one that’s invading his privacy and being creepy!

  6. His fans are batshit crazy, thing is that MOST of them are women over 40, now how creepy is that considering the guy looks about 14 sometimes, can anyone say paedophile, I would love to know how these women would react if it was a very young looking woman (maybe their daughter) and a 45 year old bloke was saying dirty fantasies over them, wouldnt they be called dirty old men??? These women are terrible there are a HUGE difference between fans and Obsessives, these women invade every bit of his privacy, and then have a cheek to moan at the evol bad paps who stalk him! Talk about pot calling the kettle!!!

    These women have lusted after this guy when he was in Flipper for godsake and I am sure he was about 15!!! That is SICK, but then again thats what these women are, I have recently been pointed to an LJ that show the obsession to the max, most of these women are over 40 and are so obsessed it is sick. Heres the link if you want a look, this blog entry is even discussed there>>

    I say leave the guy alone, I cant imagine he would be happy with these ugly, flabby cows lusting over him, I think they need their HRT sorted!

    There is one younger fan called djingdoodles who writes sexual fanfiction about Elijah Wood and his girlfriend- now THAT is very sick and would he be very happy? me thinks not. these fans need to grow up and get lives, and partners of their own, saddos!!


  7. I’m an Elijah fan and I have to say the people at elijah_finds give people like me a bad name! They obsess over him like it’s normal (i.e recently there was a sighting or a pic of Elijah in a plaid shirt and the members of elijah_finds listed all the times he has wore a plaid shirt. How sad is that).

    These people are creepy and should know better. I mean, they are old enough.

    Oh and JeffK, if this guy is invading Elijah Wood’s privacy and is being creepy… then what does that make the guys at Elijah_finds? They have obviously SEARCHED for this sighting, found it and then posted it on their community. Thats SADDER because they went out of their way to find it. The people who depend on news like this over at finds are obviously WORSE than this guy then yeah? I think you should think twice if you are trying to defend the loonies at finds because if this guy does wrong then so do they!! They are the ones who thrived on people’s reports of meeting Elijah/seeing Elijah at Oxford. They depended on Alex’s blog (The director of Oxford Murders) for news, pics etc and when the filming was over they admitted to being incredibly sad, down and in need of a fix!

    So chick, dont get down by comments like JeffK (whom I suspect is a member of finds) because if they call you, they call elijah_finds but elijah_finds are WORSE.

  8. I’d seen the thread on that Elijah Finds site discussing and commenting on this; found it somewhat worrying.

    It is certainly very different (in my mind at least) to comment on a public blog that one saw someone recognisable (be at an actor, musician, politician or anyone else in the public eye) as an “oh, by the way I saw such and such at the…” than spending considerable amounts of time tracking and discussing the actions and movements of the aforementioned. The former is what makes up life – whether mentioning you bumped into an old friend, someone you admire, dislike or simply know of; all along the same lines as discussing a show or film you might have seen, a restaurant you might have dined at, etc. The sheer concept of spending one’s spare time obsessively discussing someone unobtainable (in whatever sense), tracking and analysing their behaviour must surely be psychotic…

    Anyway, whatever. I’d ask them on their forums for their opinions if I could be bothered/had the spare time to log in and sift through their ramblings…

  9. Well said Tom, you have hit the nail on the head my good man! 🙂

  10. I don’t really see how your mentioning publicly that you saw Elijah Wood is that different from other people saying “Hey this guy said he saw Elijah Wood”. Presumably these people aren’t stalking him, they’re just repeating something they found interesting, which is also something you found interesting. If they acted on that information and tried to find Wood that would be wrong, but since you’re reporting after the fact they can’t act on your info even if they were crazy enough to.

    Heidi and Sally:
    I’m not a member of elijah_finds, I’d never heard of it until I came across this blog by chance one day. The two of you obviously are though which seems somewhat hypocritical if you’re both condemning the group. You both obviously came across Tom’s blog too by following the link/comments/whatever in the elijah_finds place so how is that any better than the people you’re complaining about? People in fan groups wouldn’t have any sightings to talk about if people like Tom didn’t post publicly about the celebrities.

  11. I found it interesting as I’d seen him. Slightly less interesting would be to hear a personal friend recall a similar story. Yet I have absolutely no interest in hearing someone I don’t know (i.e. someone anonymous online writing an internet blog) say they saw someone famous.
    This is the difference to me. My friends and family might be interested, I hadn’t expected people I don’t know to take such an interest.

    Obviously trying to collate such information having searched online to track someone’s movements is dangerously obsessive; trying to second guess someone’s likely future whereabouts from this information even more worrying. And here’s the moral dilemma – am I in the wrong for providing information that could, in the future, be abused; or are they for taking previously innocent information and using it immorally? I’d [obviously] suggest the latter…

  12. Exactly to the point!

  13. Where is there any evidence of them using your information to track Elijah Wood’s movements? I didn’t see any comments from them saying they would use sightings to stalk him so I don’t know where you’re getting it from?

  14. – Elijah Finds is essentially one long list of times and places people have mentioned seeing Elijah Wood.

    – Listing these sightings makes it really rather easy to see where and when he’s been.

    – People might call listing times and places someone has been “tracking” them.

    – I don’t see any comments from myself accusing them of stalking Elijah Wood, simply of monitoring his whereabouts. However, if you were sufficiently motivated, there’s no doubt the information might significantly increase your chances of bumping into him above that provided by pure chance [statistically speaking]…

  15. “The two of you obviously are though which seems somewhat hypocritical if you’re both condemning the group. You both obviously came across Tom’s blog too by following the link/comments/whatever in the elijah_finds place so how is that any better than the people you’re complaining about?”

    JeffK, yes I am a member but not all members of that community are the same. Some obsess over him, some dont, some spend most of their day searching on the internet for lil snippits of him, some dont. In short, just because I am a member there it doesnt mean I agree with what they do, think, say etc. I go to that forum for different reasons that the majority of that community are there for. Savvy? Not every fan is an obsessive. Not everyone agree’s with what another fan does. I actually do think you are a member there, otherwise, why be so bothered about all of this and people slagging off “finds”?

    I would just like to say to Tom that they are STILL moaning about this thread to this day but what makes me laugh the most is that the only reason they jumped on your sighting was because you called him “tiny”. They jump on any sighting and rip it to shreds if it calles him tiny, skinny, looks young etc and I *think* it is because it makes some of them feel like paedophiles when someone says he looks like a kid because a few of them are old enough to be his mother (and possible grandmother). It wasnt THAT long ago when they called some guy “fat” because he called Elijah skinny. If anyone is a hypocrite its finds as some of them are on the large side. Calling someone for their size is something id NEVER do, so no, I am not like them!

    People on “finds” actually do try and keep tabs on him. They sometimes work out dates, times etc so a certain sighting works out to be a certain time/date/event. They want to know what he’s doing, when he’s doing it and who he’s doing it with and moan when he is “off the radar”. They condemn anyone invading his privacy yet they post up liek so evol pap pics and pics from his friends personal internet space without their permission.

  16. No Jeff K YOU yourself are obviously a member!! It is so obviosu and hilariously transparent!!! I am NOT a member but one of my friends is, she isn’t an obsessive Elijah fan. but she finds it very funny how some react over there over stuff so she showed me the place, I found it hilarious and rather sick because of what I have said earlier, I now look over there from time just to be completely shocked by some of these “mature” women sounding incredibly perverted over a man who in my and plenty of others opinion looks around 15 years old at times, I have nothing against older women, but when they are liking a “man” who has a very baby face it is rather sickening, as what NORMAL mature WOMAN would fancy a childish face??? I do have things against women like that because it is no different to having paedophila tendencies, esp when these said women actually say how “hot” he looks in Flipper when he really was a CHILD!

    All I know is that if the sexes were reversed and this was a young girl who looked 15 or actually was 15 and men your/their age were gushing sexually over them there would be an outcry! And these men would be classed as Paedophiles!

    The huge bastard of a point that you and your cronies are missing here is the fact that MOST of the sad people on Finds are WAY too obsessed, they come across as unhealthily so, I have NEVER xcome across a bunch of women over 40 like it. it is normal to like someones work and be a fan, but most there cross the line and are obsessed to the point of borderline insanity, the mebers there seem to live and breathe thgis guy, and spend HOURS of the day talking/thinking/searching for things about him, thats not normal for an adult woman, of course most do fit the mould of being spinsters who have nothing else in their lives, but still this behaviour is that of a teenager with a crush, and it looks desperately obsessed, there is no way you can say otherwise because thats how it is.

    How you can attack this man for speaking the truth is beyond me, you lot are worse than anybody for all you have called this man, most of you DO seem psychotic, YOU ARE NOT BEING NORMAL!

    Tom I apologise for having an arguement on your blog, but this idiot is so transparently an elijah nut and is pretending to be a man, nobody is falling for it sweetheart!

  17. по моему мнению: благодарю!!

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