Posted by: TomA | 28 May 2007

Day 26: Arrive in Austin, Texas

I expected Austin to be hot but wasn’t quite prepared for the humidity. When we first arrived and treked out to our hostel dorms by the lake side it was unbearable. A couple of thunderstorms since has helped a little, though the stickiness hasn’t subsided.

Austin itself is great. East 6th Street includes a ten block or so drag packed with pubs and bars, all of which feature live music seemingly every night.  We stopped for a burger in a gloriously loud and dingy bar and came across what later transpired to be one of Austin’s minor celebrities. Leslie is a homeless cross dresser with a bushy beard and a thong (which, from the reaction of a few of the staff in the bar doesn’t always stay where it should). It was only the following day when we found his range of fridge magnets in  record store we realised his status in Austin…. Keep Austin Weird indeed…

Our hostel is in a great location, right next to the lake/river [read: pretty, but outside brings loads of mosquitos…]. First night we arrived it seemed slightly ghetto, as passing on the bus took us past 3 (three!) big police busts in the  5 minute ride from downtown: one outside a house, another outside a fast food restaurant and the third by a gas station.


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