Posted by: TomA | 21 May 2007

Tesla Motors

This morning I headed down to San Carlos to visit Tesla, having been invited by Barrie and Matt when I left Tesla in Hethel last summer. There wasn’t a huge amount to see, as San Carlos is primarily offices with a few development workshops (all the prototype production is taking place in Hethel, as will the real production versions later this summer). There was the first of the Validation Prototype cars which looked fantastic to me. Was nice to have a chat and find out first hand how the projects are progressing. Also interesting to note the two way nature of their blog: the generally open and informative nature of the Tesla posts prompting interested and opinionated response from the public – feedback which was then potentially shaping further developments. Difficult to imagine other US car firms being quite so Web 2.0 ….

Not much to say really apart from I’d looking forward to starting again at Hethel in late June. I’m still very much impressed by both the vision and the product. It’s quite reassuring to see that someone in the car industry can see a future beyond gasoline, however hard GM etc try and persuade the public V8 powered SUVs are the only possibility. Whether the car driving public is willing to be persuaded by electric saloons, hatchbacks and SUVs is an entirely different issue though….


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