Posted by: TomA | 17 May 2007

Day 19: Montara Lighthouse & Highway 1

The drive along Highway 1 brought us close to some rather friendly wildlife. Some rather friendly chipmunks ran out of their hidey-holes to greet our Dodge Neon, say hello, sniff our shoes before getting bored and rolling around in the dirt and playing with one another. Baby chipmunks play-fighting with one another are unbearably cute; relief was found was watching the blubbery elephant seals further along the beach wallow up from the sea in order to sun themselves.

This time of year brought the younger seals and females to the beach, hence lots of wallowing and little of the fighting that comes with the males. One thing to note though: seals smell really bad. The chipmunks weren’t deterred. They happily ran around and played with the seals, who couldn’t have cared less.

The rest of the drive proved as spectacular as the previous day, though again tainted by elderly tourists driving at ridiculously slow speeds and fleets of disgustingly huge Recreational Vehicles.

My laptop has now crashed so many times I’ve lost the will to add any more text and type it all again, so I’ll upload some pictures, say the lighthouse was lovely and leave it at that.


  1. re Glide Methodist Chapel – ‘like no church service I’d ever been to before’. So have you become a regular church goer then? From what I can remember the only times we went to church was christenings, weddings and funerals apart from visiting them as tourists to look at architecture and graveyards.

  2. Well, you know what I mean. Nothing like church services I’ve attended through school, or the stereotype you form of a church service in the US. Was neither staid and formal as you imagine at home; nor wacky and ranting as I imagine preachers in the South to be. Good sermon about whales and marathons.

  3. But whales can’t run marathons, they don’t have legs!

  4. Hey, this is Dan Herron in Austin.

    I just happened to catch your post a little late as I’m flying to London/Gatwick Monday afternoon. I’ll be on business in Hampshire for the week and spending one day in Aberdeen.

    Anyway, if you need anything during your stay in Austin like directions/suggestions on tourist attractions/restaurants/internet/computer/printer, or a ride somewhere; anything, just let me know.


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