Posted by: TomA | 15 May 2007

Scientology in LA: “Psychiatry – An Industry of Death”

Becky and I decided over breakfast this morning to do our own Louis Theroux type jazz. We’re off to investigate the Church of Scientology once we’ve finished our coffee – in particular, their Psychiatry: Museum of Death just around the corner on Sunset Boulevard. We walked past it last night and it’s possibly the creepiest thing ever. It’s also the only place I’ve seen here with security cameras everywhere and large metal fences around the side of the building. I believe that right now, following the Panorama fuss and being British, is the perfect/most idiotic time to visit.

If we never re-appear or act strangely from now on, blame those Scientologists…. I have been warned… ūüėÄ

I’m aware that by tagging this blog post as Scientology, they’ll track me down easily (just like all the people that keep Googling “transexual strip bars” and coming here) . Scary.

UPDATE: Turned out to be disappointing actually. We showed up and a shady looking guy came out and said they were closed, they had some still had some ‘business’ to do before re-opening to the public that day. I had been really intrigued to see just how gruesome it was… So another bitterly disappointing LA moment, possibly as frustrating as the parking ticket. Blah, LA. Sucks.


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