Posted by: TomA | 3 May 2007

Day 4 – San Francisco

Asian fusion. The mix of traditional Asian culinary techniques and ingredients, with those of a typically Western origin – specifically here, West Coast cooking. The restaurant we went to last night went a step further, blurring the boundaries within gender and sexuality as well those of a geographic nature. All the servers are girls, though not by birth. As well as having transvestite/transsexual waiting staff, this particular restaurant puts on a good show. Three times a night, the girls get up on the bar and perform a routine. We were there for two of the three

Our favourite tranny turned out to be Ginger (below), a black haired and wickedly comic girl, whose two songs were Blondie’s I Touch Myself (cue, well, what you’d expect….) and Sheryl Crow’s All By Myself (cue much over the top heart break, downing bottles of spirits and then bottles of pills). Seriously entertaining.

More curious were the other girls, who did actually look like girls, one of whom seemed to totally lack a sense of humour, the other simply had entertaining facial expressions. Both seemed to take an extra liking to a rather shy looking guy sat at the bar. On more than one occasion he found his head thrust between their legs…

Despite all of the above, it wasn’t at all a sleazy place. The food, while good wasn’t amazing, but the general atmosphere was of somewhere exceptionally hip, trendy and self-mocking. Very San Francisco. As the maître d’ said at the end of the final show, thanking the customers, “without all of you, this would just be very creepy”.


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