Posted by: TomA | 2 May 2007

Day 3 – San Francisco

The fortune cookie was invented in a tiny shop in SF’s Chinatown. Although Chinese restaurants around the world now give out a fortune cookie at the end of a meal, such widespread use hasn’t brought fortune to the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory. [There has been, um, fame… the walls are lined with letters from German travel documentary producers thanking them for their 30 seconds of fame]. The room is dank and dingy, with two elderly Chinese gents tucked in the corner hand making these fortune cookies, with a steady flow of old dears from coach tours led down the alleyway to the shop.

In the evening we ventured to Bimbo’s 365, a rather plush and luxurious ex strip club. The naked girl in the fish tank no longer swims behind the main bar, but nearly all the other trimmings are still there – the velvet curtains, bartenders in tuxedos, fresh ice in the urinals – all life’s essentials. How you keep a venue like that clean when filled with a bunch of drunk indie kids is anyone’s guess… To the point: We were there to see CocoRosie play. Busdriver supported, whom I’d read a lot about on Pitchforkmedia, hyping them ridiculously for the past six months. In fact they were rather good – a nice mix of interesting and frantic hip-hop vocals, over gabba/mash-up/electronica backing. CocoRosie themselves have turned themselves into something of a hip-hop act with the new album – gone are the atmospherics and children’s toys. Live however, they veered between the two, never really appearing comfortable with one identity over the other. Not to say I didn’t really enjoy them, but the girl’s vocals sometimes became irritating and the boyish one seemed a touch bored. For a few songs though, where the balance came together, it was awesome…


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