Posted by: TomA | 26 April 2007

Masters offer from Nottingham

After a slightly tense period of time waiting for Nottingham’s response (and an even tenser time trying to write a half decent personal statement in the first place), I’ve been offered a place for the next academic year. So come September, I’ll be back in Beeston for an MSc in Applied Economics. Now I just need to develop my ideas for a proposed dissertation topic…


  1. Fucking hell dude that is amazing news! I can’t wait to see you – your presence around these parts has been severely missed. Severely! I will send you my dissertation on political economy when it is done. It might even have relevence to actually existing economists as I am referencing the so called post-autistic school as a modern version of the 18th century theological economists i am considering. It seems to me, that economics bleeds into philosophy and anthropology very, very quickly when discussing the issues that you are considering. All the absolute best. Alex

  2. Sorry, I just noticed you mentioned P-A economists in your post and therefore probably know more about them than I do. Forgive the slightly patronising tone of the above, though the relation between the two still stands. We should probably pool resources on this one, as I don’t have a great deal of understanding as to what books should be read. E-mail me!

  3. post=comment on my blog. I’ve had a number of drinks and it is 3.21 in the morning….

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