Posted by: TomA | 22 April 2007

CiTR – April 22nd

It was somewhat sad to say goodbye to Canadian radio. While sometimes it was a right pain ensuring I’d met the various government restrictions on what I had to play (35% Canadian content – 3 of music, artist, lyrics and production; 60% independent; 70% playlist – less than 6 months old; 35% female content), being on air never ceased to be entertaining, even if only for myself. That said, CiTR does get listeners. Real, live listeners. A lot of them are hipsters in the Vancouver Eastside, but there are also regular listeners across BC and in the North-West USA.

I felt obliged to feed them Norfolk based indie-pop, Nottingham based noise, and every other sound I adored from the UK that [I felt] needed international airplay. It was especially nice to get the odd call while on air asking about a track just played; even if they were outnumbered by the drunken student population phoning in to request the latest inane pop drivel to soundtrack their Sunday evening.

It’d be interesting to see how some of CiTR’s policies would work if applied to URN in Nottingham. Would restrictions on how much old/commercial pop music lead to a more diverse playlist, or simply overplaying of the few songs DJs recognised that met the criteria? Would allowing members of the local community (non University affiliated folks) bring more diverse programming to broadcast to a demographic other than the white, middle class student body? Can student radio in the UK find a balance between the professionalism of “commercial” radio and the diversity of “community” radio, or are we to be stuck with a radio station stuck 2 months behind BBC Radio1?

Anyway, the playlist for tonight’s show was:

Seafood – Last Outpost

123TEN – Squirrel Babies

Misty’s Big Adventure – The Story of Love

Crystal Castles – Air War

The Expolits of Elaine – Eaten By Spiders

Caz Mechanic – In Case of Emergency

A Northern Chorus – Skeleton Keys

Julie Doiron – No More

Do Make Say Think – Bound To Be That Way

Roll Deep – Respect Us

My Latest Novel – The Reputation of Ross Francis

Pre – I Met Her In A Bin

Shitmat – Theme from the 1988 Morris Dancer Massacre


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