Posted by: TomA | 21 April 2007

Tesla Motors

I’ve managed to find myself a job for when I get back to the UK. I worked for Tesla Motors last summer before leaving to move to Vancouver, and really enjoyed working for them. Any company that lets an hourly temp drive one of only 8 of their first evaluation prototypes, probably worth a scary amount of money (the production versions go on sale for $100,000+ next year), at full throttle around a test track can’t be bad.Even better, they’re hoping to sort out an temporary contract for me, so no faffing about with agencies or any of that.

In addition, I’m planning on dropping into their headquarters in San Carlos (in the San Francisco Bay area) on my travels, to see the second batch of cars (Validation Prototypes) and have a nice nose around. I feel like a child in a sweet shop (a kid in a candy store?). Very exciting.

For those of you that haven’t come across Tesla yet, here’s a very brief summary:

Funded by Elon Musk (the guy that founded PayPal; the guy that’s invested loads into space-rockets with SpaceX), they’re making electric cars. First model is the Roadster, based on the Lotus Elise, it’s entirely electric (non of this messing around with hybrids), insanely quick and really rather nice. I believe the plan from there is a saloon, followed by smaller and cheaper cars, and eventually an entire range, bringing electric vehicles to the masses.


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