Posted by: TomA | 8 April 2007

Vancouver Giants vs Seattle Thunderbirds

We finally made it to a hockey game, having been meaning to get around to it for ages. We couldn’t quite stretch to the $60+ a ticket for the Vancouver Canucks, but $20 for the Vancouver Giants (a Junior league team) seemed much more reasonable. They’d won the previous round of play-offs against Chilliwack (4-1 in the series) and were now playing the Seattle Thunderbirds. The played the previous night, were a goal up 3 times, and still managed to lose 4-3.

We had great seats, right down by the ice and behind the sin-bin (where the naughty players get put for 2 minutes for tripping/pushing/being generally a little bit naughty). It was also right behind the “off ice officials” booth, which mainly seemed to be three guys stopping and starting the clock and passing notes back and forth to the on ice officials.

The game itself was awesome. The speed and agility on the ice is so impressive, particularly watching players skate backwards defending play while always keeping an eye on the puck and the players behind. Of course, there’s the physical, violent aspect to the game too. While there were no fights at the game, there was plenty of spectacular smashing opponents into the edge of the rink, tripping, smashed hockey sticks and mêlées.

Having only watched football live before, seeing a sport that stops every 15 seconds or so and then has car insurance/fast food adverts or 80s classic rock ballads blasted over the PA system was somewhat odd, though it has to be said, rather fun. I’m not sure if flashing lights and classic Blur songs following goals would suit Carrow Road so much though…

It was really nice though to be at a live sports game and not feel nervously ill. It might just be the knowledge that when watching Norwich, self-destruction is only ever a moment away…

Can’t say we knew what the rules were for most of the hockey game or why the penalties were called (apart from the obvious tripping people up and hitting them with hockey sticks), but I don’t think that really matters.

The game ended 3-1 to the Giants, with Seattle only really threatening in the final period. The next two games are down in Seattle next week…

The one other element I found somewhat amusing were the elderly residents around the stadium. Hordes of them lined the road, with signs advertising cheap parking on their lawn. Any time a car so much as slowed, there they were out there scaring and chasing the driver until they surrendered and parked where they were told. I’ve never seen a bunch of OAPs run so fast; nor these teens looked so terrified….



  1. 1) the giants had just knocked off Chilliwack.
    2) just as a side point that scoreboard you took a picture of used to belong to the Seattle Collesium (old home of the Seattle Sonics before the Key arena)

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