Posted by: TomA | 1 April 2007

Glastonbury and other Festivals

So they went on sale at 1am last night and we didn’t bother trying to buy them. Checked this morning and all sold out. I don’t think I’m that bothered, 190,000 makes it a lot bigger than the times I’ve been before and it seems as if most people I know weren’t planning on going this year. Hopefully that’ll be the right decision. We’ll see.

I’m much more tempted by Green Man Festival and End of the Road this year, both have good line-ups at the moment and both looked great last year, so you should all come to one/both. Word is this might be the last Truck festival too after ten years of running.

While on a music festival note, seems Mr. Ricky Haley has finally caught on and booked some good bands for Dot to Dot in Nottingham this year. Broken Family Band, Bearsuit and The Victorian English Gentlemen’s Club are all making appearances, following shows for HighSoc over the past year or two.

One more thing – if you can’t sleep tonight, I’m back on the radio. CiTR from 8pm-9pm PST tonight (Sunday 1st April), which works out to be 4-5am back in the UK. No idea what I’m going to play yet, but I’ll try and stick a playlist up here when I’m done.


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