Posted by: TomA | 30 March 2007


Having spent the last four months debating what to actually do when I get back to the UK in late June, I’ve taken the plunge and submitted my application to do an MSc in Applied Economics at Nottingham. Course looks interesting (though scary in places) and it’d be great to be back in Nottingham again (all that gun crime, muggings, beatings and general anti-social behaviour that Vancouver seems to entirely lack). Whether I could hack a huge dissertation over the summer is another matter, but we’ll see. I need to get an offer first anyway, which is far from certain.

If not, it might have to be a job. So if you see any jobs advertised in Nottingham or the surrounding area that might be of interest, please let me know. It might save me from working for the council or something. I’ll also need somewhere to live, so if anyone has a room going, preferably Lenton though Beeston again could be fun, tell me…

I have missed the endless amounts of HighSoc events, being able to play football (no, not soccer – though I have slipped a few times recently, much to my personal annoyance) in the park, having warm pints of flat mild in the pub, Match of the Day…



  1. And of course you forgot to mention you’ve also been missing your mum . . . . . please say that!

  2. Yo, yo. Hope you do get in as I am sticking around for a PHD for the next few years. We have a room you are welcome to next year, empty and unloved, as I think you might know from Myspazz. Its in the beloved Bees Town.

    I am listening to the Battles album – its great.

    Your Dad’s website is the cool.

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