Posted by: TomA | 25 February 2007

Radio… fun?

Having spent a serious amount of time planning my first show on Canadian airwaves, I turn up to the studio to find most of the equipment is broken, meaning the painstakingly created and researched playlist I have on my iPod can’t be played through the desk.


The turntables were naffed too, so I couldn’t play the records I wanted.


I had one CD on me.


The first 15 minutes were, to be honest, awful. The mic was playing up, I had no idea whether I could be heard or not, etc etc. Once the inital panic had subsided, I actually quite enjoyed pulling CDs off the wall in the studio and playing things I wanted to hear but hadn’t gotten round to. I played a couple of tracks I’d originally planned to (Jarvis Cocker, Seafood and Francois) from evil nasty myspace pages, a troubling technical feat in itself. Everything else was plucked from the studio, meaning I could let the following loose on the unsuspecting: Hella, Winning (both gorgeously noisy and discordant); Be Good Tanyas and Mirah; The Shins, Amy Milan, The Besnard Lakes, Octoberman, Danielson, Fun100, Camera Obscura, The Arcade Fire and more.

The show was only an hour originally, but no one turned up to take over from me, so I kind of kept going. Eventually got a call saying no one would be in until midnight; the remote control to put the BBC World Service on had broken, so eventually left them listening to the Do Make Say Think album on repeat until the morning. Not a bad thing at all in my mind, anyway…

Chaotic, bloody awful to start but Becky assures me the bit she listened to was good. Though of course, she has to say that… We’ll leave it as “enjoyable”…

When (or perhaps if) I get another show, I’ll give you real tracklists here. I can’t podcast yet, but fingers crossed will find a way to get an mp3 of future shows available for you here.



  1. you call that fun? Sounds like torture to me . . . was Becky the only person listening? Or did lots of folk phone in the sympathise?

  2. interview i did with octoberman:

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