Posted by: TomA | 25 February 2007

I can actually snowboard!

Snowboarding on Saturday was absolutely fantastic. There’d been 20-40cm of snow every night for 4 or 5 nights previous, so it was very soft and powdery. Which meant falling over was virtually painless. On top of that, the weather downtown was miserable, which meant the mountain itself was beautiful: stupidly quiet and snowy.

The lesson was good – Colin from Bournemouth showed me how to turn and took us the big BIG slope, where having been shit-scared the first time down (there are some quite steep bits for a green run), I slowly got my head around turning. When Becky and I went up again later (having frozen on the chairlift – ten minutes going up left our coats and gloves literally frozen solid), we struggled our way down. Three quarters of the way, it suddenly clicked; there I was doing it properly, turning and looking like I knew what I was doing.

This was only after some “snowboarding dude” had shouted something alone the lines of “Get the **** back on the learner slopes, GORB”, which apparently stands for Geek On Rental Boards, a fairly accurate description that he surely can’t have meant…

My final run down the big mountain was fantastic. It was quite late, and in the 20 minute run down the mountain managed to board properly for most of it, fell only 4 or 5 times, and best of all only saw about another dozen people all the way down. I’m now itching to get back and improve to a point where I dare combat some of the steeper, scarier blue runs…

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