Posted by: TomA | 23 February 2007

Financial training… *yawn*

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of attending a training course, so that I could have the pleasure of being responsible for most of the financial bits and pieces at work. Three hours on a Thursday evening, with only about 15 minutes of it being remotely useful (also nicely summarised on one side of paper). The rest of it seemed to revolve around explaining how to fill in an electronic form, much the same as the paper forms. This blew the mind of the other 6 people there.

What blew my mind is that, once you’ve filled this thing in electronically, you have to print it off and fax it. WTF?

The icing on the cake was the intolerable stream of finance jokes. I’ve not yet encountered anything that makes me lose the will to live more than a bad pun on accounting.


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