Posted by: TomA | 16 February 2007

Camera Obscura + frànçois @ Richards

Camera Obscura are one of those bands Beck and I both adore. Excitement was to be expected seeing a band we love from home (or, well, Glasgow) play over here. Then, browsing Pitchfork, chanced upon a couple of photos of their tour, and who was in the background, playing percussion and trumpet for them, but frànçois, whom I’d put on in Nottingham for the High Society supporting The Broken Family Band (where there were tea and cakes too…).

The gig itself was great, although scarily busy compared to the time we hopped on the train to Sheffield last summer to see them play in the Leadmill.

I had a nice chat with frànçois after the gig and agreed to take his split single with Ray Rumours (Electrelane) into Zulu. Which was fun.

I’ll endeavour to get the record into my first show on CiTR next Sunday night (8pm- 9pm PST – or 4am GMT if you’re in the UK, so get up early/stay up late…). Hopefully there’ll be a podcast if I keep my cool and don’t bugger it up. Scary thing is – people actually listen to CiTR unlike URN in Nottingham.


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