Posted by: TomA | 13 February 2007

Hospital Tunnels

Hospitals are horrible places, full of nasty smells or disinfectant, sick and dying people and endless corridors. In addition to all the above, today I discovered the delights that lie under the hospital – namely an elaborate series of underground tunnels and passageways. Apart from being mind-numbingly confusing (ten minutes walking underground can bring you straight back to the building next door, 30 seconds away from where you started, without seemingly turning a corner), they smell even worse than the hospital. Factor in flickery lights, lots of daunting looking bio-hazard signs, piles of who-knows-what in bin bags and it all becomes a touch horror movie. Thankfully there isn’t nucluer war raging, biological warfare or any other sort of disaster so I don’t really have to go down there. Just when I want to for fun…



  1. Sounds like a good place to go when you want to add to your (already extensive) body part collection.

  2. Do they do trade ins? You could swap the bits you don’t like for bigger ones!

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