Posted by: TomA | 10 February 2007

Clinical Research Ethics Board

Just a brief update on my new job, out at Vancouver General Hospital. It is with the Clinical Research Ethics Board, part of UBC, who have to approve all medical research undertaken by any UBC department. Being one of the biggest Canadian universities, that means there’s a lot of interesting and controversial stuff coming through the office.

Obviously, my job isn’t to sit and decide this stuff – there’s a board of 28 academics/ethicists/lawyers/doctors who meet and painstakingly discuss such matters. But for a job through a temp agency, the opportunity to be working in an environment that is challenging and interesting is fantastic.

My role is mainly administrative – using a fancy new online database and providing basic technical support for the academics and board members learning to use it. The work itelf is still somewhat overwhelming, things had become somewhat backlogged over the past two months so I’ve been confronted with a mountain of work. There’s plenty of interesting stuff I’ve picked up from the studies I’m dealing with; however a public blog is probably not the place to discuss such things.

So as an overall result, my gamble in quitting the dental clinic seems to have paid off. Very lucky.


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