Posted by: TomA | 6 February 2007

Fred Herzog

Becky and I indulged in some culture this afternoon, visiting the art gallery for an exhibition tour by the curator. Admittedly, it was arranged for her art history class and I kind of tagged along for fun, but was rather fun.

The exhibition mainly consisted of colour photographs by Fred Herzog, a German native who came across to Vancouver in the 1950s, and continues to take street photography – of people, shops, buildings in and around Vancouver – now.

It was interesting to see how the city has evolved, with the growth of the “city of glass” as Coupland calls it. Lots of gorgeously shot 1950s photos of tired looking, wooden houses with large, modern buildings looming behind. It’s strange to think just how much the look and feel of the city has changed in fifty years.

There was also a lovely photography exhibition downstairs. Shame non of these were on when I last visited the gallery – I could have done without the endless pictures of trees by Emily Carr…

So, my grand aim is to take the time and try and get some nice street photos of Vancouver while I’m here; hopefully I’ll be able to get more on our road trip in May of the some of the places we’re visiting…


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