Posted by: TomA | 1 February 2007

New Job

This has been my last week at the dental clinic, having started for a fortnight and been there for 4 months. Scary stuff. I’ve spent the week training up my successor, who seems competent enough. Everyone else seems slightly nervous though that I’m leaving, expecting return to the chaotic reign of the incumbent. Talking of whom, I was told she was due back at work this morning. She obviously didn’t turn up. She’s since moved house, without informing anyone of her new address, though is still (as far as I know) receiving sick pay, a cunning ploy.

Can’t say I’ll miss the work particularly. The students and the majority of the staff I will, but the work, no.

So, the new job. Don’t know the full brief yet, I’ve only had the quick phone conversation with the agency, but it sounds good. I get an extra hour and a half in bed in the mornings, it’s more pay ($1.40 an hour) and sounds actually as if it may be both challenging and interesting. As I understand it, the role is for assisting academics at the hospital in their medical research – mainly in database fun preparing their proposals for the ethical committee to approve for the green light to start on human subjects. I’ll explain a bit more when I know…



  1. So you’ll be assisting Dr Frankenstein then?

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