Posted by: TomA | 29 January 2007

More Snowboarding Fun

At the weekend Becky and I headed back up into the mountains for more snow based fun. It hadn’t snowed for several days. We hadn’t quite grasped the pain this causes.

[Pictures from the Seabus]

The bus ride up the mountain was fun as ever, lots of lovely sunny views over the whole of the city as we rose above the cloud level. At the top of the mountain was surprisingly warm – there was an old man sunbathing in only his shorts. Surrounded by snow. Unusual.

Our second lesson allowed us to practise “pendulums” and introduced us to turning, which is much harder than everyone else makes it look. Every time I thought I’d got my head around it and could do it all the way down a run, the next time was far more problematic. Didn’t help that the snow was weird – quite sugar like. Underneath the 3 cm of sugary snow lay 3 metres of solid ice.

We fell over a lot. We bruised a lot. I still ache – arms, shoulders, abs, legs, neck – you name it, it aches. Past the physical pain it’s still so insanely fun. Hopefully within the next couple of lessons we’ll be able to board down a run without falling over and in a fairly normal way without looking like total beginners.

There were a few incidents that were slightly chilling. Getting off the bus we were confronted by a large patch of snow, on top of which lay a large, fresh pool of blood. A bit later, during the lesson, someone came down on the back of a snowmobile looking somewhat worse for wear, wrapped up warm and with their arm in a sling. And immediately after that, we saw a Chinese woman ski straight off the edge of the run, down a 8 foot drop and into a tree. She was surprisingly ok, bar being slightly shocked and stuck under a branch.

Earlier in the week Beck and I went to see Subtle (namely Anticon legends Jel and Doseone) play Richards. Best night of hip-hop for indie kids I can remember. The band itself is full of unexpected contrasts – the flamboyant Doseone (or Adam to his mother) with his rather confrontational/intimate presence (much scruffling of my hair and stealing Becky’s drink occurred); while the band include upright bass, clarinet, flute and recorder along with Jel’s box of electronic percussion and trickery. The first band were awful though… Pigeon John who I can only assume brought all his friends along for the night played a hideous set of hip-hop by numbers. Entertainingly bad.

While I remember, I should say I love the door staff at Richards. They employ a mute who’s sole job is to stamp the underside of your wrist once you’ve had your ticket torn. If you don’t have your arm the correct way up for stamping, he grunts at you. If you still don’t get it, he grunts louder and points. If you’re still struggling, he’ll grunt, scowl, and turn your arm over for you. Never a word nor a smile approaches those lips. Grunt grunt grunt. Stamp stamp stamp.



  1. There’s truly nothing like snowboarding trousers to make you look like a marshmellow man ūüėÄ Though for the amount of padding you’d think it’d protect your knees a little more….
    The bouncers are silent towards me now. Maybe on Friday I’ll act clueless to provoke them. Doseone owes me drinks…many drinks. I should have stolen all his plastic forks as revenge. x

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