Posted by: TomA | 12 January 2007

Arctic Freeze

Lots of horrible cold air from the arctic has decided to come to BC and play, bringing with it snow (only a few inches here, some places in Greater Vancouver got 2 feet or more overnight), and temperatures that aren’t expected to get anywhere near a positive Celsius until well into next week.

To add to the joy, in my drafty room, someone has pinched the little convection heater I had in here. My housemates deny all knowledge, so it might have been a cold passer-by with a portable means of mains voltage… In which case, as I shiver, I should be grateful they didn’t take my laptop, digital camera, warm socks…

Better news on the job front. I’ve decided to end at the dental clinic and find something else. It won’t be any more interesting as I’m staying at UBC to continue as a temp., but a greater variety of shorter placements might be a touch more engaging.

I’m looking at getting a job outside UBC, but when entry level jobs or temp positions downtown are paying $10-12 an hour rather than UBC’s $16-20, I’m finding it hard to justify.

Becky has had a nasty cold/flu thing for the past week. I’m expecting it to strike me down tonight, just in time for the weekend. As such, we’re not skiing this week but hopefully heading out to Cypress Mountain to learn next weekend. Not sure whether to ski or snowboard, but I believe we can mix and match our 5 lessons to include a bit of both.

I’m also starting to think about planning my summer road trip. Where should I go? Contenders, and a rough route exists in my mind as follows:

  • Vancouver to San Francisco, possibly via Seattle and/or Portland.
  • San Francisco to The Grand Canyon, Death Valley and Las Vegas
  • Vegas to Austin and then onto Nashville
  • Nashville to New York
  • NY to Montreal, Quebec City and finally Toronto.

But what about Mexico? Having got that far how can we not head there too? I’d like to work in New Orleans and Chicago too. Not that they fit into any sort of route.

So, what I need, is suggestions, links, places, ideas. Cities I really shouldn’t miss – or indeed places you think were rubbish and I’m better off avoiding. Fun, cheap hostels across the US… found any? Anything really that’s going to help me narrow down a long list of places into a 4-6 week road/bus/train/plane trip…


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