Posted by: TomA | 28 December 2006


Christmas was very enjoyable this year.

Christmas Eve didn’t feel particularly Christmassy. The house I was staying in didn’t have a tree r any decorations, so in many ways it felt much like any other day. It was also the first time I’d been to a Chinese restuarant on Christmas Eve, to have some brightly coloured and strangely flavoured crispy beef. Becky and I then met up with her parents and sister downtown to head see Babel at the cinema. Good film, not entirely spoiled by having Brad Pitt and that annoying woman [Cate Blancett?] in (though she really should have died…)

Christmas Day was great. We had a lazy morning and a late breakfast, opened some presents and generally did not a lot before heading downtown in the afternoon to meet Becky’s parents and have a lovely meal at their hotel. Some great gin served with a tiny dollop of sorbet went down very well. Some good turkey and awesome stuffing too. Strange not having a big family thing, but so nice just to have a relaxing Christmas Day to just laze about.


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