Posted by: TomA | 24 December 2006

Mistaken Identity

Last month, I thought I saw a bear. Walking home last night, I saw the animal again. This time, it was on a lead, being walked by a middle aged couple. And no, it wasn’t a bear, just a very big, hairy dog. To be fair, it still walked like a bear, had that lazy swagger to it’s hind legs and a very similar build, but dog it was.

On the theme of being mistaken for something you’re not, TWICE yesterday I was mistaken for a girl. It happens from time to time, but twice in a day is generally unheard of. It’s not as if I was prancing about in a dress or anything, my hair’s not even that long at the moment… Odd.



  1. Well, you are in touch with your feminine side – or maybe your shoelaces were tied together and made you walk funny!

  2. Well, now’s the perfect opportunity to prance about in a dress then

  3. I think it must be time you had your hair cut. This one is really from your mum

  4. I was mistaken for a five year old yesterday. Kind of. I was playing with my nephew’s friend (:dgrin:) and he looked at me and asked if I was a grown up.

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