Posted by: TomA | 11 December 2006

Tram Disappointment

Over the weekend we’d planned a fun day, to include some shopping on Main St., a vintage tram ride from Science World (at the downtown end of Main) across to Granville Island to buy some fresh goodies for tea along with some decent beer, a bit more shopping on 4th Ave and home for tea.

All was going well until the vintage tram bit… I believe it’s the last remaining bit of the original Vancouver tram system, before the trolley busses etc started running. We turn up, to find it’s closed for maintenance. Until May. By when we’ll have left. And it’s a long way back from Toronto for a ride on the tram.

Transport related fun was recovered with a ride on the skytrain, the automated light surburban railway (ala the DLR). Two unexpected things arose:

  1. Having never been on it before, both the raised bit and the underground bit gave Vancouver a very different, big city feel, just at a time when I was beginning to think I really knew my way around and understand it… It was as if the city had grown to become a London, a Pars, or a New York. Silly I know…
  2. The automated woman’s voice that announces your destination is the same as the London Underground. Does this mean she voices public transportation systems around the world? And I wonder if her friends come back from holiday in far flung places and (annoyingly I assume) report back that they’d heard her in Sydney, San Francisco, Toronto etc etc…

While on the theme of transport, 2 weeks after the heavy snow fall, the trolley busses still don’t run all the way to UBC after trees took down the power lines. Seems such levels of incompetence aren’t confined to the UK (though it has to be said, in every other aspect Translink here are miles better…)


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