Posted by: TomA | 8 December 2006

The Sound of Christmas

So it took UPS a week to find my workplace to drop off the box so my iPod can be shipped to Apple and fixed (for the third time). I’ve no idea why it took so long, they failed to find the place twice, the second time they had completely explicit directions. If 100 or so patients every day, many of whom don’t speak English, many of whom are not, let’s face it, bright in anyway, can manage to find it, why not a professional courier? To save the hassle of getting it picked up I took the bus to the UPS store and dropped it off.

The biggest problem of being iPod-less, is having to endure Christmas songs everywhere I go. I can’t go for a coffee at lunch time in peace and quiet without being confronted by an hour of awful Christmas songs. Why is all Christmas music so appalling awful?

Scrap that – there is good Christmas music. Sufjan Stevens has released 5 EPs of the stuff, and the Low Christmas EP is fantastic. Unfortunately, I can’t see Safeway playing any minimalist Mormon rock music over their PA anytime soon, especially not between their constant adverts for over the counter medication, blood pressure monitors and ant-depressants – ask for doctor about xylglennophalbloodydrugsthatyourgpmakesamightycommissionon…

Do the ill just converge upon Safeway or does Safeway make them ill?



  1. It’s interesting that everyone keeps buying iPods even though they keep breaking down and there are better MP3 players on the market. I suppose they do look very nice.

  2. The kids are all talking about the Zune now. So should I, after bumping into Bill in Seattle…

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