Posted by: TomA | 8 December 2006

Joanna Newsom + Bill Callahan

Becky and I went to see Joanna Newsom + Smog play a very pretty church in downtown Vancouver on Tuesday night. The church was listed as a heritage building, being 100 or so years old, which is comparable to Stonehenge I guess in [non-native] Canadian terms.

The gig itself was awesome. I’d been wanting to see Smog for ages and he didn’t disappoint. His voice just makes me grin insanely – it didn’t matter we couldn’t see a thing that was going on, being stuck at the back of the chapel…

Joanna Newsom was somewhat overwhelming. She started with a few tracks from her Milk Eyed Mender LP, before being joined by her band – including accordian, banjo and guitar – to play the entirety of her new album. The arrangements were great – different to the album version, which is heavily string dominated, having been arranged by Van Dyke Parks – giving all the songs a more intimate feel.

There should be more harp-led gigs in churches. Or maybe there are and I’m missing them all…


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