Posted by: TomA | 4 December 2006

The Faint / The Hidden Cameras

Quick gig update:

The Faint played Richards on Richards (colloquially also known as Dicks on Dicks) on Friday night. I actually really enjoyed it, having not expected to that much, although musically they were pretty poor. The venue also had a surprising number of creepy people, engaging in creepy dancing. Nothing unlike 95% of Nottingham clubs on a Friday night I suppose, but I generally tend to avoid such places…

The Hidden Cameras on Sunday night were very good though. Shame they played so much from the new album, which isn’t anywhere near as good as their first two. The two girls on keyboards and the two violinists were particularly fun – as was blindfolding the entire band and most of the crowd for a song.

Earlier on Sunday we’d stumbled upon My Latest Novel (from Scotland) playing on a small stage in Georgia Plaza, just behind the art gallery. Slightly surreal; we missed most of their set but saw enough to bring back pleasant memories of the first time we saw them supporting Arab Strap in the Social at Nottingham. They were followed on by the most dreadful, sub-Maroon 5 tosh I’ve ever heard. Never mind the shame the Dixie Chicks feel George Bush is from Texas; these lot were from the UK and were far, far worse…

The gig I’m really looking forward to is tomorrow night – Joanna Newsom supported by Bill Callahan/Smog. Her album is possibly my favourite I’ve heard this year – beautiful harp led children’s stories with great orchestration. No orchestra tomorrow, but there’s a small ensemble playing in the church with her and it can’t fail to be anything but spectacular…



  1. We got our dance grooves on, hella…something. I need to find a way to incorporate such phrases into my vocabulary. My Hidden Cameras shirt is a bit big on its own but wearable with something underneath. Fabulous. I’m so excited for tomorrowwwww. I feel I might drift off in a hazey daze.x

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