Posted by: TomA | 4 December 2006

House Hunting, round 2

I move out of my current place in Point Grey on the 1st Jan as Marla and Rick (the couple who own the house I’m renting a room in) return for their 3 month trip to Europe. So I’ve been looking for somewhere to live again, with the aid of craigslist. I don’t think craigslist has made it in Europe yet, but basically is a classifieds website, broken down into cities and then every sub-category imaginable. This is where I found so many of the strange, strange people when I looked at rooms in September. This time has been rather more successful.

I’ve just got back from having coffee with Brad and Alanna, who are both totally lovely and friendly and live in a great little 4 bedroom apartment on West 8th, right in the centre of Kitsilano. It is within walking distance of Zulu (the record shop with which I’m becoming increasingly obsessed), a nice butchers and fishmongers, several good independant coffee shops, etc etc. The room I’ll hopefully be moving into is being vacated by a very friendly guy who’s off to Montreal until the end of April. Fingers crossed this will all go through and I’ll be moving in during the last couple of days of December. I’m very excited about it – the place is nice, well located and cheap and the people I’m sharing with great. Bizarre how simple this has been (so far, touch wood) compared to the tortuous process I went through in September trying to find somewhere to live. Looked at only one other place – and then only because I couldn’t get hold of Brad or Shane in order to meet Alanna for coffee – which wasn’t occupied by anyone insane, blind, incontinent or scary.

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